Thank You For Joining Us

This is how our online Christmas Market works :
1. Same intense marketing that goes into every All Canadian Event Market – We assure you, live or virtual – there will be no change in this. Each of our events have 1000’s in attendance when we are live – imagine what we can do with a virtual event.
2. With over 7000 contacts on our mailing list and over 35,000 on our social media accounts, and master of marketing in other areas – we will be doing what we do best – getting the traffic to the event.
3. Did you know ACE has had over 150,000 local visits to its website yearly.
4. Once accepted to the event, you will use our user friendly webpage to set up your products.
5. During days of the events, you will have your own ‘store’ setup with up to 25 photos, descriptions & a link to one of your promotional videos hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, proudly displaying your email and website address along with social media links.
6. Super user friendly. You do not need to be a tech wizard to set this up.
7. Shoppers will have a chance to contact you directly for purchase and pickup or delivery options.
8. Remember to share your own social media with your own contacts.  This will be an exciting experience for them.



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